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Tastes Great.
Does Good.

Honest To Goodness creamers are made with simple, high-quality ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced from around the world. We believe in more than a great cup of coffee — we honestly believe that everyone deserves goodness. And we’re on a journey to bring that goodness to as many communities as possible.

Through Earth Day Network, we sponsor The Canopy Project. In Madagascar, the source of our vanilla, our goal is to reduce poverty and lift up communities as well as rehabilitate degraded forest ecosystems.

By planting thousands of clove and coffee trees, we can help create jobs, income and have a positive impact on the

That’s why we work with EARTHDAY.ORG to improve communities in Madagascar
and Brazil, the countries where our vanilla and sugar are sourced. By planting thousands of trees, we’re helping to create ongoing opportunities for employment and making a positive impact on the planet.

From around the world to your cup and back, there’s goodness in every sip. Stir in Honest To Goodness creamers and help make a positive impact you can feel good about. It’s like karma
in your mug.


Simple, high-quality
Globally Sourced.

  • Almonds from California

  • Farm-fresh milk and
    cream from Buffalo, NY

  • Organic cane sugar
    from Brazil

  • Salt from the Himalayas

  • Vanilla sourced from
    Madagascar in partnership
    with The Livelihoods Funds

  • Cinnamon from Sri Lanka

  • Organic coconuts
    from the Philippines

At Honest to Goodness we’re
on a
journey to create
goodness in the communities that make our
That’s why we source
all our vanilla from Madagascar
through Tambatra, a community-owned cooperative created with support from Livelihoods Funds.

Through participation in this cooperative and the other programs, farmers and their families secure more control over the initial stages of vanilla bean processing and gain transparency into vanilla bean pricing and access to long-term vanilla bean buyers.
Participation also helps farmers and their families improve
yields, diversify crops through deployment of agroforestry and other sustainable agriculture practices, and engage in conservation of natural ecosystems located near their farms.

This leads to high-quality
vanilla products, more resilient communities, and a healthier environment. Learn more about the Livelihoods Funds at livelihoods.eu/

When we set out to make a creamer full of goodness, we
got a bit literal.

Click here for a visual narrative of the Madagascar vanilla bean’s honest
into our products.


A sip in the
right direction
to help people
and the planet

In Madagascar, where we source our vanilla, we are a sponsor of EARTHDAY.ORG and their signature tree-planting program, The Canopy Project™. We support the rehabilitation of degraded forest ecosystems and uplift the local communities. We also work with the Livelihoods Funds to support small farmers.

In 2022, we’re partnering with EARTHDAY.ORG on a reforestation and habitat restoration project in Brazil (where we source our organic cane sugar). The project
focuses on the region where
the endangered Golden Tamarind Monkeys call home. Our partnership will help
reforest a keystone area in one
of the most threatened biomes
in the world, the lowland
Atlantic of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

AboutUs-Impact AboutUs-Impact

Environmental Impact -
Through EARTHDAY.ORG The Canopy Project™,
our investment has helped plant thousands
of clove and coffee trees in Madagascar and assisted in the creation of a nursery for
these valuable crops.

In 2021, our investment helped to plant
close to 20,000 trees, resulting in an
estimated 480 tons of carbon emissions sequestered. The tree-planting project
also helped stabilize the landscape to
control erosion, increase groundwater retention, and create a habitat for
endangered species.

Community Impact - These efforts support the local economy while impacting
hundreds of direct beneficiaries. Working
with Livelihoods Funds to buy our vanilla
directly from a farmer’s coop alleviates
some of the community challenges of
selling and distributing the crop.

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